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Donate to the 2013 Charity Silent Auction


       As SCWLA has done for the last few years, we are holding a silent auction all day during the CLE.  This year the proceeds from the auction will go to a charity supporting the needs of women, and their children, in the Greenville area.  The name of this year's recipient will be announced soon.   We will announce the charity to receive the proceeds from the 2013 auction in an email to the SCWLA listserv. 


          We need your help collecting items for this auction.  We strongly urge our members to donate something to this auction so we can raise enough money for a significant gift to another worthy charity.   You can either personally contribute something for the auction pr solicit a donation from a local business or artist.  We will see to it that all donors receive tax receipts for their gifts. 


          If you are attending the conference you can bring your item(s) with you and turn them in to the auction committee at a location near the conference registration.   If you are not able to attend the conference, but would like to support this worthy event, you can contact your regional representative and make arrangements for your item to be delivered to Greenville.  Or, in some circumstances, it may be easiest to mail your donation to us prior to the auction.  Whether you are personally donating an item, or submitting something donated for the auction by a business, we need you to fill out a donation sheet and submit it by email, fax, or regular mail no later than September 26th.  The donation sheet was circulated to the SCWLA listserv. 



Please contact Tara Dawn Shurling with any questions:  803-738-8622 or [email protected]