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Thank you Low Country Region - Status of Women Region

Dear Members,

 I want to thank everyone who came out to the event today with Amy Brennan, Executive Director of the Center for Women. What an engaging discussion! Raising the status of women in South Carolina is certainly something we can all get behind (and fired up about!).

For anyone who couldn't make it (or who did, but didn't get the full copy), here is the link to the full 2015 Report on the Status of Women:

https://issuu.com/scbiz/docs/2015centerforwomen . It is also available on the Center for Women homepage http://www.c4women.org/.   

The data in the report gives us a clear baseline for the status of women in 2015 in South Carolina, and shows us just how far we still need to go. I encourage everyone to share the report with colleagues, friends, and neighbors.

Like Amy said, if everyone who reads the report remembers just 1 fact and passes that fact on to another, this data will spread. Knowledge of the issues is the first step to implementing change.

 I hope everyone has a great rest of the week,

 Hannah Gallagher

 PS - here is Amy's email contact for anyone who would like to get involved or has a group you think would appreciate hearing a presentation of the report: [email protected]



Thanks so much everyone! I enjoyed being with you.

 In addition, here is a direct link to the video on our site:



Amy B. Brennan

Executive Director

Center for Women

129 Cannon Street

Charleston, SC  29403


843.763.7333 x202