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7/30/2015 Letter from Marguerite - Friendship

July 30, 2015

Re:       Friendship

Dear SCWLA members and friends,


This morning, I found an article I had torn out of USA Today months ago entitled “Friendship’s Powerful Punch.”  It turns out that today is also International Day of Friendship.  As my niece might say, “Who knew?”


The United Nations is the official sponsor of International Day of Friendship.  July 30 is set aside each year to promote friendship among peoples, cultures and countries.  It is a time to encourage efforts towards peace and to build bridges between different people.  It is a day of respect for others and a day to celebrate diversity.


Friendships, according to social scientists, make us smarter, better, richer.  Some scientists believe that much of our personality builds from the qualities we first copy, and then absorb, from our friends.  Smarter friends make us smarter; more social friends make us more outgoing.  Who they are becomes part of us.


Friendship to me is like a trip to the doctor’s office, a visit to a carnival, and a Sunday in church.  A friend cares for you, amuses you, and inspires you to be a better person.  A friend is always at the other end of the phone, and often on the other side of the door.  A friend is your constant in times of turmoil, your beacon in times of despair, and your buddy in times of glee.


So, today, be the friend that you were meant to be.  And, if you have a friendship that is in disrepair, take a step today toward repair and restoration.  Do it for your friend, and do it for yourself.


And, by the way, July just happens to be National Ice Cream Month.  So if you and your friend are looking for something fun to do, maybe a trip to the local ice cream parlor is the answer.  A good friend and ice cream – quite possibly the perfect combination for this special day.


With best personal wishes, and more to come.


Marguerite Willis



P.S.  This letter is dedicated to SCWLA member Lee Elmore, who is also my sister and my best friend.