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11.12.20 Statewide CLE Webinar | Taking a Successful Zepo (Zoom Deposition)

SCWLA will be hosting a statewide, live webinar with CompuScripts, Inc. on Thursday, November 12:  "Taking a Successful Zepo (Zoom Deposition)"  (12 p.m. to 1 p.m.).  The CLE is free but is limited to 100 SCWLA members, so registration is required.  You will receive the Zoom link to connect about 24 hours before our virtual meeting.

CLE Approved & interactive session!

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Deborah Dusseljee, RPR, CRC, CLR
President of CompuScripts, Inc.

After graduating from Ferris State College with a degree in Court and Conference Reporting, Deborah began her career as a court reporter in 1984.

Debbie added to her writing proficiency skills and became one of South Carolina’s first realtime court reporters and later became South Carolina’s first realtime broadcast captioning pioneer.  She has served as President of the South Carolina Shorthand Reporters Association, Editor of The Palmetto Line, South Carolina Delegate to the National Committee of State Associations and a chief examiner for National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) certification testing. Debbie is currently a Registered Professional Reporter, Certified LiveNote Reporter, Certified Realtime Captioner and Realtime Systems Administrator.  During the recent pandemic, Debbie has used her web-conferencing knowledge as a realtimer to mobilize CompuScripts’ staff, professionals, and clients onto a Zoom platform for taking virtual depositions and accommodating hearings.