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SCWLA is always looking for volunteers to serve on committees. Committee service is a great way to meet and get to know other members while getting more involved with our organization. To learn more about any committee or to volunteer for committee service, please reach out to the points of contact listed below or to SCWLA Executive Director.


Awards Committee – Chair Immediate Past-President (Sheila Willis)
This committee, chaired by the Immediate Past President, is responsible for the selection of recipients of SCWLA’s awards. There are three established awards – Jean Galloway Bissell Award, Jean Hoefer Toal Award, and Emerging Leader Award – and two newly created awards, a law school scholarship award and a law school student loan relief award. The committee solicits nominations for SCWLA's annual Jean Galloway Bissell Award as well as nominations for SCWLA's periodically awarded Jean Hoefer Toal Award, reviews nominations, and recommends award recipients to the Board for approval. This committee also solicits nominations for and ultimately selects the recipient of the Emerging Leader Award (the previous year’s recipient of the Emerging Leader Award participates on this committee to assist with selection of the next recipient). The committee will create award criteria and rules for the two new awards, solicit nominations, and recommend award recipients to the Board for approval. Past Presidents may be invited to participate on this committee to assist with selection of the Bissell honoree.

Book Club (Online) Committee – Chair Margie Pizarro
The SCWLA Book Club will meet periodically to discuss a book selected by the Committee with input from Committee’s participants. Any SCWLA member can participate at any time – you don't even need to finish the book to attend! The Book Club will offer engaging online discussions with a cross section of the SCWLA membership on the selected book, as well as related themes and societal issues. Participants can come and go as they please - they are not required to read every book or participate in every online meeting.

Bylaws Committee – Chair Julie Moose
This committee is responsible for reviewing and, as necessary, revising SCWLA’s Bylaws to ensure they reflect the current structure, standards of practice, and operations of the Association, and that the Bylaws are contemporary and relevant to members.

Finance Committee – Chair Ashley Cuttino
The focus of this Committee, chaired by the Treasurer, is strengthening the capacity of the organization to achieve its mission by ensuring the financial stability of the organization. Objectives include the identification of additional sources of corporate support, development of a case statement to support solicitation efforts, creation of a fundraising plan outlining existing and new funding sources for Board approval, and assessment and demonstration of return on investment for financial support.

Governance Committee – Chair Nancy Olah
This Committee oversees SCWLA’s strategic framework, policies and governance to ensure best practices are utilized and the organization is focused on accomplishing goals that further its mission and meet its members' needs.

Conference Planning Committee – Chairs Johanna Valenzuela and Stephanie Nye
This committee organizes the annual SCWLA conference (to be held in October 2019), which provides quality continuing legal education programs to support the professional and personal development of our members. This committee also plans the annual SCWLA awards reception, traditionally held the evening preceding the annual conference. At this reception, SCWLA honors all award recipients as well as recipients of the SCWLA scholarship for a law student and student loan repayment award for a practicing SCWLA member. In addition, in 2019, this Committee will plan a program for SCWLA’s State House Day (April 2), which will consist of a April 1 movie night in Columbia, a CLE program on legislative and other advocacy on April 2, and various events and/or opportunities at the State House on April 2.

Long Range Planning Committee – Chair Ayesha Washington
The purpose of this committee, chaired by the President-Elect is to help formulate a long-range strategic plan for SCWLA, monitor the strategic plan, and assist in the formulation of policy to guide the organization. The committee includes the executive committee, the membership committee chair, a past President of the organization and at-large members.

Membership Committee - Chair Jessica Gooding
This committee promotes the benefits of SCWLA membership to existing and potential members, encourages involvement and engagement among members, and serves as liaison to women's organizations at South Carolina's law schools.

  • Membership Military Subcommittee - Chair Kathy Smith
    The Military Subcommittee has a two-fold mission: (1) to encourage and increase participation in SCWLA events by military attorneys and their attorney spouses, and (2) to increase SCWLA membership knowledge and understanding of military service and events taking place within our state.

Media/Communications Committee – Chair Rebecca Farmer
To manage all communications for CWL including to produce CWL Newsletter and emails news blasts. Solicit content and edit content for final publication. Set communications policies and coordinate communications strategies. This committee facilitates communication with SCWLA members and ensures the consistency of SCWLA's message to members, media, and community. Committee members assist with drafting press releases, reporting on local events, taking pictures, and posting to social media websites.


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