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SCWLA is always looking for volunteers to serve on committees. Committee service is a great way to meet and get to know other members while getting more involved with our organization. To learn more about any committee or to volunteer for committee service, please reach out to the points of contact listed below or to SCWLA Executive Director.


Fall 2017 Annual Conference Planning/Education Committee – Jennifer Howe
This committee provides quality education programs that address the professional and personal development of our members. Specifically, it organizes the annual SCWLA conference, including setting dates, designating a location, coordinating speakers, and obtaining CLE approval. The next Conference will be held September 29, 2017 in Greenville.

Bissell Award Committee – Sheila Bias
This committee solicits nominees for SCWLA's annual Bissell Award, reviews nominations, and recommends award recipients to the Board, This committee is chaired each year by the President-Elect.

Toal Award Committee – Kelly Jolley
This committee solicits nominees for SCWLA's Toal Award, reviews nominations, and recommends award recipients to the Board. This committee is chaired each year by the immediate Past-President.

Fall 2017 Awards Reception Committee – Jennifer Howe
This committee plans the annual awards reception for recipients of the Bissell, Dicus, Toal, and Emerging Leader awards. SCWLA Foundation scholarships also are given to recipients at the annual awards reception.

Bylaws Committee – Ayesha Washington
This committee ensures that the SCWLA Bylaws reflect the current structure, standards of practice, and operations of the Association, and that the Bylaws are contemporary and relevant to members.

Community Outreach Committee – Allyce Bailey
This committee sponsors projects that enhance SCWLA's ties to the community at large. It serves the community both by raising money for non-profit organizations that serve women and by planning events in which members can volunteer their time to help community organizations.

Membership Committee – Mary LaFave
This committee's goals are to increase membership by promoting the benefits of SCWLA membership to existing and potential members, encouraging involvement and engagement among members, serving as liaison to women's organizations at South Carolina's law schools, and helping plan member social events.

Professional Development Committee – Kerri Rupert
This committee seeks to provide SCWLA members with opportunities for professional development including a chance to develop and foster mentoring relationships through the provision of enriching programming and events. This committee also solicits nominations and ultimately selects the recipient of the Emerging Leader Award.