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Message from President Molly Cherry - International Women's Day

Today, March 8th, is  International Women’s Day (IWD).  IWD celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women.   We have a lot to celebrate when it comes to women lawyers in the state of South Carolina.  In my first president’s letter a month ago, I encouraged you to be engaged with SCWLA’s mission; to be an example; to be involved.   And, you have responded.  Over the course of the last month, I have received a number of motivating and insightful messages from many of you with ideas for enhancing the status, influence and effectiveness of women lawyers in our state; goals for running for office; examples of influential women lawyers and offers to give presentations or serve as mentors.  


Based on some of the thoughts you have shared, SCWLA recently formed a Public Service Committee to provide educational opportunities for members who may be interested in running for office, among other things, including planning legislative and judicial panel events. Many thanks go out to Laura Patton, who volunteered to head the committee, and some of our many members who have already stepped up to help: Ellen Baab; Eve Moredock; Kristen Nichols; Lindsey Jacobs; Megan Stevens; and Rebecca Wheeler.  This looks like it may be one of our larget committees to date! 


I urge you to continue looking for and making opportunities to be engaged with and on behalf of SCWLA.  The theme for IWD this year is:  “Be Bold for Change.”  Many SCWLA members already are, and we want to hear about and share it, especially today, March 8th, on International Women’s Day.  You can follow and tag SCWLA on Instagram @scwla_briefcase; on Twitter @scwla_briefcase; or on Facebook at @scwla or @scwomenlawyers.


Let us know about South Carolina women lawyers who are being brave, fearless, heroic or strong for change.  Share with us how others are being confident, bright or impactful for change on behalf of women lawyers.  Post a picture and show us how you are being bold for change this year.  Use these hashtags: #BeBoldforChange #scwomenlawyersrock #IWD2017 #internationalwomensday #scwla


Molly Cherry