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PresidentAs we (finally) turn the page on 2020, I am feeling a mix of emotions that I expect most of you share. At some point in the not-too-distant future, I look forward to hugging friends and family members I have not seen in months, sending my kids back to school full time, and rescheduling cancelled trips. I will also admit that the last year has caused heartache, struggle and fatigue both personally and professionally. Months of uncertainty and disruption to all things planned has taken its toll on all of us. The year 2020 and the pandemic has had an impact, especially on women, which cannot be understated.

With that said, as has become customary of SCWLA Presidents, I have chosen a word for the 2021 year to represent SCWLA. It is the word I believe best represents 2021: HOPE.

On the heels of 2020, I am filled with hope for 2021. I have hope for the new leadership of our country. I hope for healing – healing for our bodies, healing for our minds, healing for our weary souls and healing for the divisiveness that has invaded out country. I have hope that we will be able to move past the COVID-19 crisis. I have hope that our businesses will recover. I have hope for all of us in all things. The light can finally be seen at the end of this very long, very dark tunnel.

As for SCWLA, my hope is that we as a Board will be able to continue to meet your needs. Definite plans are hard to make at the moment, especially knowing how quickly and completely things can change. Despite that uncertainty, I am confident that SCWLA will continue to create meaningful connections in 2021. For the near future, we will continue to provide content and experiences to you remotely. To that end, I encourage you to connect with SCWLA remotely. The SCWLA website is regularly updated with CLE and virtual meeting dates. This information is also communicated through regular e-mail channels. If you are interested in becoming more involved with our organization, please reach out to me. We are always looking for new program ideas and ways to serve our members.

I look forward to serving you this year and hope to continue to make your membership in SCWLA meaningful and rewarding in 2021.

- Ashley Cuttino


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